Looking at the future development of engineering plastics from nine characteristics

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At present, the development of China's engineering plastics industry presents the following characteristics:
At present, the development of China's engineering plastics industry presents the following characteristics:

1. The proportion of application in manufacturing industry is relatively low.
Compared with the mature development of engineering plastics industry in foreign markets, the proportion of plastics and steel application in German economic development is 63:37, that in the United States is 70:30, and the world average level is 50:50. Limited by production technology, the proportion of domestic modified plastics used in precision manufacturing industry is lower. At present, the application ratio of plastics and steel in China is only 30:70, which is far lower than the average level of developed countries and the world. Considering that China is a big manufacturing country, with the sustained economic development and the continuous improvement of modified plastics technology, the market demand for modified plastics will be enormous in the future. In particular, some special plastics, halogen-free flame retardant plastics, high-temperature plastics, thermal conductive plastics, shielding plastics, conductive plastics and so on; the author found that: China's semi-aromatic nylon imports more than 30,000 tons a year, polyphenylene sulfide modified plastics imports more than 10,000 tons; almost monopolized by foreign enterprises!

2. It has certain regional characteristics.

The engineering plastics industry has a high degree of regional concentration, but it shows a trend of gradual decentralization. According to the regional distribution of the total output value and sales income of the modified plastics industry, the production and sales of the modified plastics in China are mainly concentrated in East China and South China. The total industrial output value and sales income proportion of central and southwest China are increasing year by year. At present, Fujian China Plastics Factory has a huge output in this area.

The regional distribution characteristics of the modified plastics industry are determined by the concentration and regional distribution characteristics of the downstream industries. The downstream areas of the modified plastics industry are mainly automotive, automotive electronics, household appliances, construction, packaging, light industry and other industries. Among them, automobiles and home appliances are the main application fields of modified plastics, accounting for over 50% of consumption. The production and sales of modified plastics in China are mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta due to the distinct regional characteristics of downstream production enterprises such as household appliances and automobiles.
In order to obtain a larger market share with lower production cost, the production capacity of the production enterprises above the scale of modified plastics in China is expanding rapidly. In order to obtain a larger market share with lower production cost, the production capacity distribution of the enterprises is focusing on Regionalization and the market network of multi-point radiation is gradually expanding. The focus of the modified plastics industry in East China will be gradually broken.

3. the scale of domestic engineering plastics industry is generally small.
The total number of domestic modified plastic production enterprises is more than 3000, most of the annual output is less than 3000 tons, more than 3000 tons of nearly 50, less than 10,000 tons. The main domestic production enterprises of modified plastics are as follows:
Compared with international chemical giants, domestic modified plastics manufacturers have no advantages in technology, scale and industrial chain, which leads to the lack of competitiveness of domestic modified plastics manufacturers in the field of high-end professional modified plastics. Although there is a big gap between the modified plastics produced by domestic enterprises and those produced by international chemical giants in terms of performance, the gap is gradually narrowing with the support of national policies and the continuous improvement of R&D capability of enterprises. Moreover, domestic enterprises still have some advantages that international chemical giants can not match, such as low cost and sticky. Close to customers, flexible response, customized services and so on, these advantages enable excellent domestic enterprises to gradually expand the market in the market competition 4, the market share of multinational enterprises in China is higher.
At present, thousands of enterprises in China are engaged in engineering plastics production, but only 70 large-scale enterprises (with a capacity of more than 3000 tons) have a total capacity of more than 2 million tons. In terms of production capacity, domestic enterprises account for about 73%, foreign or joint venture enterprises account for about 27%, but from the market share situation, the market share of domestic enterprises is only 30%, while the market share of foreign enterprises is as high as 70%.

 4. At present, the large foreign enterprises which have established modified plastics production bases in China include SABIC, DuPont, SOLVAY, Dow's, BASF, LANXESS, BAYER, Celanese of Germany, Asahi Chemical Company of Japan, Poly Plastics Company, Samsung of Korea, LG, Jinhu Company of the Netherlands, DSM of the Netherlands. Wait.

5.technical level is backward, raw material cost decides comparative advantage.
Although there are many kinds of modified plastic products, but from the composition of raw materials, basically concentrated in the five general-purpose plastic resin POM, PC, PBT, PA, PPE. The price trend of the five general-purpose plastics is basically the same as that of crude oil, indicating that the upstream enterprises have a strong ability to transfer costs. The characteristics of this industry determine that the integrated enterprise with upstream resources will gain certain cost advantages.
International large-scale chemical enterprises have a congenital comparative advantage: the world's major manufacturers of modified plastics have a long history, there is a long time of technological precipitation, but also mostly a large-scale chemical enterprises, such as SABIC, DuPont, BASF Baoli Plastics and other companies, the integration of raw material production, modified processing, product sales. However, the domestic modified plastics enterprises have not yet developed to the stage of front-end and back-end integration, and the cost control of raw materials has been limited to a certain extent. Therefore, the entrepreneurs of our engineering plastics industry should make full use of the current advantages and opportunities, with the help of capital strength, carry out cross-border mergers and acquisitions, establish large enterprise groups, increase research and development efforts and investment, produce high-quality products, go abroad, and foreign chemical enterprises for differential competition.

6.the market presents structural surplus situation.
Domestic engineering plastics enterprises start late, their technology level is backward, and their production capacity is mostly concentrated in the field of general-purpose large-scale products. High-end areas are difficult to enter because of certain technical barriers, resulting in a certain surplus in low-end areas, while high-end areas need to be imported from abroad, resulting in the so-called structural surplus situation.  The author found that: China's semi-aromatic nylon imports more than 30,000 tons a year, polyphenylene sulfide modified plastic imports more than 10,000 tons; almost monopolized by foreign enterprises!

7.the key to competition lies in the modification of technology formula.
At present, the mainstream modification production technology is mainly physical modification technology of filling, blending and reinforcing. Once the modification formula for filling, blending and reinforcing is decided, the specific operation requirements of downstream production equipment are not high. This technical feature determines that the key process in the production of modified plastics lies in the design of modified formulations. According to the current situation, the original formulations of general-purpose large-variety modified plastics are basically in the open market, while the formulations of high-performance specialty modified plastics are in the hands of leading enterprises in various subdivisions, such as DuPont and SABIC have most of the high-quality formulas and patents in modified PA PBT and modified PC/ABS PPE products, respectively; SOLVAY of Belgium has a very rich line of high-quality products in PPA HPPA PPS LCP PESU PPSU PSU PEEK through 20 years of cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Through capital operation, acquisition of CPCHEM's RYTON PPS, acquisition of India's PEEK production line, is currently at the top of the plastic pyramid, the profit is very considerable; their enterprise strategy and operation mode is worth our entrepreneurs to learn from;

8. Heavy assets operation
Compared with other industries, the modified plastics industry has the characteristics of large investment in fixed assets. Its equipment investment has the characteristics of large investment and slow effect. Generally, the construction cycle of a standard modified plastic production line takes about half a year, and the investment amount of equipment is huge. If we need to increase production, maintain stable quality and improve product precision, we need to use large-scale imported equipment, and the investment price of equipment is not high. The reporting cycle is long, which requires more support and subsidies from the government.

9. Automobiles and household appliances robots are important engines for the development of the industry.
At present, the application of modified plastics in home appliances and automobiles in China accounts for more than 50%, so the development of home appliances and automotive industry will have a greater impact on the market demand for modified plastics. But with the development of new energy automotive industry in recent years, with the continuous improvement of domestic modified plastics technology and the gradual expansion of the scope of application. Wide, the development of household appliances and automobile industry will gradually reduce the impact of the modified plastics industry. The development of new industries is the focus of attention of major plastics companies. Such as UAV in recent years, VR, robot high-end consumer goods, sporting goods and other emerging industries!

In a word, it is very promising for our modified plastics industry to increase capital investment, integrate the strength of universities, enterprises and capital, especially in the field of high-end formulated products and special plastics, learn management and operation modes modes modes modestly from Japanese and European and American enterprises, and solve these painful problems. Industry. More strategic industrialists and capitalists are needed to focus on this new material industry.

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