Where is conventional engineering plastics?

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PBT modified plastic is a kind of thermoplastic polyester. Compared with other thermoplastic engineering plastics, non-reinforced PBT has better processability and electrical properties.
Engineering plastics refer to the plastics which can be used as engineering materials and substitute for metal manufacturing machine parts. The common engineering plastics include polycarbonate (PC), polyamide (PA), polyacetal (POM), polyphenylene oxide (PPO), polyester (PET, PBT). Polyphenylene sulfide (Polyphenylene Sulfide, PPS), poly (aryl ester), etc.

Polyamide: PA plastic

PA, commonly known as nylon, because of the common low specific gravity, high tensile strength, wear resistance, good self-smoothness, good impact toughness, with both rigid and flexible properties and attracted people's attention, coupled with its cumbersome processing, high efficiency, light specific gravity (as long as 1/7 of the metal), can be processed into a variety of products to replace metals, widely used in automobiles. And transportation. Typical products include pump impellers, fan blades, valve seats, bushings, bearings, various dashboards, automotive electrical instruments, cold and hot air conditioning valves and other parts, each vehicle consumes about 3.6-4 kg of PA products. PA has the largest proportion of consumption in the automotive industry, followed by electrical and electronic.

Polyphenylene sulfide: PPS plastic

The prominent properties of PPS are: (1) good heat resistance, can be used in the temperature range of 180 ~ 220 C; (2) corrosion resistance close to PTFE; (3) good electrical properties; (4) good mechanical properties; (6) good flame retardancy.

The shortcomings of PPS are: (1) high price, low price in high temperature resistant plastics, but much higher than general engineering plastics; (2) poor toughness, brittleness; and (3) unstable viscosity in processing. Pure PPS is seldom used because of its brittleness. The PPS used is its modified performance. Details are as follows: 40% glass fiber reinforced PPS, inorganic filling PPS, carbon fiber reinforced PPS and so on. PPS accounted for 45% of motor vehicles, accounting for 30% of electronics and electrical appliances, accounting for 25% of the total.

Polycarbonate: PC plastic

PC not only has the strength of non-ferrous metals, but also has ductility and toughness, its impact strength is extremely high, can not be destroyed by hammering, can withstand the TV screen explosion. The transparency of polycarbonate is excellent, and any coloring can be applied. Because of the above excellent properties, polycarbonate has been widely used in all kinds of safety lampshades, signal lights, stadiums, transparent protective panels, lighting glass, high-rise building glass, car mirrors, windshield panels, aircraft cockpit glass, motorcycle safety helmet. The most expensive markets are computers, office equipment, cars, substitutes for glass and sheets. At present, the more widely used products are Fujian Huashu light diffusion PC and PC/ABS modified plastics.

Polyoxymethylene: POM plastic

POM is a kind of engineering plastics with excellent performance. It is known as "grab steel" and "super steel" abroad. POM has similar metal hardness, strength and steel. It has good self-smoothness, good fatigue resistance and elasticity in a wide range of temperature and humidity. In addition, it has better chemical resistance. POM, at less than the cost of many other engineering plastics, is replacing the market traditionally occupied by metals, such as substituting zinc, brass, aluminum and steel for many components. Since its inception, POM has been widely used in electronic and electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, daily light industry, automobiles, building materials, agriculture and other fields. In many new areas of application, such as medical technology, sports equipment, POM plastics also showed a good growth trend.

Poly (butylene terephthalate): PBT plastic

Fujian Huasu PBT modified plastic is a kind of thermoplastic polyester. Compared with other thermoplastic engineering plastics, non-reinforced PBT has better processability and electrical properties. The glass transition temperature of PBT is low, and the mold temperature can be rapidly crystallized at 50 degrees centigrade, and the processing cycle is short. PBT is widely used in electronic, electrical and automotive industries because of its high insulation and temperature resistance, such as TV sweep transformer, automotive distributor and pre-point coil, office equipment shell and base, various automotive external components, air conditioner fan, electronic stove base, office equipment shell and so on.

Polyphenylene oxide: PPO plastic

PPO has excellent comprehensive performance, the biggest characteristic is in the long-term load, with excellent dimensional stability and outstanding electrical insulation, the use of a wide range of temperature, can be used in the - 127 ~ 121 C range for a long time. It has excellent water and steam resistance, high tensile strength, impact strength and creep resistance. In addition, it has good wear resistance and electrical properties. Fujian Hua Su is mainly used to replace stainless steel for surgical medical devices. Gears, blower blades, pipes, valves, screws and other fasteners and connectors can be manufactured in the electromechanical industry. They can also be used to make components in the electronics and electrical industry, such as coil skeleton and printed circuit boards.

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