Advantages and disadvantages of PBT modified plastics and common problems and Solutions

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The lack of good function of PBT modified plastics
Excellent functions of PBT modified plastics

1., such as high crystallinity.

2., rapid prototyping.

3. weatherability

4. low friction coefficient

5. high thermal deformation temperature

6. good electrical properties.

7. excellent mechanical function.

8. fatigue resistance

9. ultrasonic welding and so on.

The lack of good function of PBT modified plastics

1. notch impact strength is low.

2. the forming shortening rate is large.

3. poor resistance to hydrolysis

4. susceptible to halogenated hydrocarbon corrosion.

5. after glass fiber reinforcement.

6. because the product's longitudinal and transverse shortening rates are not divided, it is easy to cause products to warp.

The causes and solutions of common problems in PBT modification.

Notch sensitivity

Reason: With the addition of modifier, the tensile strength of blends will decrease, and the optimum blending ratio is 80/20.


A) Polymerization modification, polymerization modification is through copolymerization, grafting, block, cross-linking and other methods in the polymerization process in the introduction of new flexible segments in the PBT molecule, so that it has excellent resistance.

B) Blending modification, blending modification is the blending or compounding of modifier or high impact strength data with PBT as dispersed phase in the PBT matrix, using the local compatibility of the two components or the appropriate interface bonding effect to carry out the notch impact function of PBT. For example, when POE-g-GMA is added to PBT, the in-situ compatibilizing effect of carboxyl-terminated group between GMA and PBT can be enhanced to reach the toughening effect.

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